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Community Gardening Group: "Green Space Remodelling"

This Tuesday marked the initiation of our long planned project - "Green Space Remodelling". The green spaces in front of the elevator on the ground floor have maintained a purely aesthetic function for many years, and since the beginning of the academic year, we, the Community Gardening Group CAS, have hoped to change this. In our hopes to become an eco-school, we need to give green spaces in our school a better purpose - both beneficial for the environment and giving to the community.

Design from Jun

Design from Louise

Design from An

Students were separated into different groups to work on different areas of the space.

The tasks we have completed are:

Our first plan of action was to decide on the plants that would need to be removed (and transplanted to another area).

We removed leaves that were infected with parasites, as there were dangers of the parasites spreading on to other planets - eventually killing the plants. Some leaves were buried beneath the dirt, and the other infected leaves were moved into the compost.

The plastic bottles that were buried underground that were originally used to create a bench were dug out using a shovel. As we are aiming to become an eco - school, we needed to urgently remove the plastic bottles from the ground as plastic cannot decompose. Moreover, plastic in the soil will damage the quality of the soils - hindering the growth of plants. The plastic bottles are currently in hold to be taken care of.

Tiles were placed on specific areas for pathways in order to make navigation around the green space easier. As we re-establish the gardening on the first floor, students can use the place to reconnect with the environment and relax.

Chemistry teacher Ms. Elena Cistoldi has recommended that we grow some medicinal plants and flowers that can be potentially used for science experiments. Not only are we planning to make ISHCMC an eco - school, but now the plants and flowers have a multi - purpose that can benefit the school’s education as well. We are continuously figuring out how the “Green Space Remodelling” project can help the school from various perspectives and make improvements to the school.



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