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COVID-19 - Mask Wearing Protocol Update

As a result of the release of Decision No. 2447/ QD- BYT (in English and Vietnamese) regarding the updated guidelines for the use of face masks for the prevention of Covid-19 in public places, we have updated our school protocols.

Therefore, effective from Monday 12th September 2022, the following protocols will be applied.

Masks must be worn by our:

  • Nurses, when working in our health clinics

  • Drivers, when transporting passengers

  • Global Cafe service staff

  • Passengers on school buses

Students, staff and parents are encouraged to wear masks:

  • if you have been in close contact with someone who is COVID-19 positive

  • if you are experiencing any respiratory systems - sneezing, coughing, runny nose etc.

All members of our community are welcome to continue to wear a mask in any space of their choice.

If any member of our community is not feeling well or has symptoms of acute respiratory infection or COVID-19 you should stay at home. Please refer to our Should I Come to School guide and for further information on COVID-19, check out our dedicated COVID-19 page here



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