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Customer Service

Offering a memorable experience for all members of our school community is a priority - students, parents and faculty and staff. One of our Annual Goals for 2023-24 is to “Improve our parent’s community experience to increase your sense of belonging and IS HCMC pride.

A key initiative that was introduced to support our work in achieving this annual goal and in direct response to the voice of our parents heard through our annual Council of International School Survey and annual Voice of Parent survey we introduced to our Community Service Officers to our IS HCMC community.

Ms. Hana and Ms. Nhung provides our parents with a direct point of contact at IS HCMC and they ensure that all questions and concerns are addressed and resolved. The service that Ms. Hana and Ms. Nhung provide to our families ensures that the right person on our team is able to answer questions, resolve concerns or find solutions in a timely manner. You may have also heard from Ms. Hana and Ms. Nhung recently as they are reaching out to all of our families to connect, check in on you and your children and provide support to individual families as necessary to ensure that you are connected to IS HCMC and able to access information.

We take great care with the quality of the teaching and pastoral care provided to our students. We also take great care to try and answer questions and resolve concerns at the earliest opportunity. However, we acknowledge that at times as a parent / carer / guardian or student you may wish to raise a concern, make a complaint or appeal against IB programme decisions taken by the school. Therefore another initiative we have undertaken is to update our Concerns, Complaints and Appeals Practices and Protocols so that they are simpler and give more clarity on who and how to escalate your concerns.



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