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Enriching the Diverse Community: Welcoming 305 New Rhinos to the ISHCMC family

This year, we welcome the arrival of 275 new Rhinos from 30 nationalities to our growing community. With these additions, our school now accommodates a total of 1455 students representing a range of 55 nationalities. By the end of August, 30 more students will join the school and increase the new students number to 305.

As a culturally diverse community, each year, ISHCMC welcomes many new families coming from different places and this school year is not exceptional. This remarkable diversity is a testament to the inclusive nature of ISHCMC, where we wholeheartedly welcome new families from diverse cultural backgrounds to further enrich the fabric of our community.

As we embark on the journey of a new school year and celebrate the ISHCMC 30th Anniversary, we are delighted to present an array of captivating events and activities designed to ignite the spark of curiosity and nurture the holistic growth among our ISHCMC community. From cultural festivals to sports tournaments, we aim to provide a holistic education to celebrate our rich cultural backgrounds. Notably, there are two significant events that honor the cultural diversity of ISHCMC. The Celebration of Cultures - Flag Parade, which celebrates ISHCMC's 30 years of diversity, will take place on October 6. Additionally, on March 23, 2024, we will hold the World Food Fest., when the entire school will come together to enjoy a diversity of cuisines from many different countries prepared by ISHCMC community members.

Through these enchanting events, each family will not only develop an appreciation for the rich traditions that shape our global community but also have the chance to widen their network with the other families within the ISHCMC community. We are happy to have the new families join us to continue preserving and enriching ISHCMC's long 30-year cultural diversity.



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