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Global Café Newsletter - Primary Campus

Dear Students, Parents and the whole ISHCMC Primary Community,

Our team at Global Cafe have heard your feedback with regards to length of the queues during break and lunch and the accessibility of food during those times. We are actively working on solutions and improvements to help serve the community and all of your food and beverage requirements.

With all that in mind we are going to be re-opening our “Taco Bowl/Wraps” counter in the lower canteen area to create a third queue/lunch pick up point for all staff and students from Grade 2-5 as of Monday September 19, 2022.

We are also rearranging our main service counter and installing our “Vietnamese Noodle Soup” station so the community can enjoy our daily homemade soups with rice noodles and all the condiments for you to personalize your meal.

Here’s how you can access these locations.

Taco Bowl/Wraps”

Global Cafe will service this counter in the same manner in which we serve our 2 other counters. We will have a checklist with students' names from Grade 2-5 and they will be able to come to the counter and sign in like normal. School staff, parents and any other guests on campus will also have access to this counter.

We are excited to bring these new counters, services and menu options to the Primary community and look forward to continuing to find solutions and make evolving improvements to the food and beverage culture within our community.


Global Cafe Team



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