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Global Café Newsletter - Secondary Campus

Dear Students, Parents and the whole ISHCMC Secondary Community,

Our team at Global Cafe have heard your feedback with regards to length of the queues during break and lunch and the accessibility of food during those times. We are actively working on solutions and improvements to help serve the community and all of your food and beverage requirements.

With all that in mind we are going to be trialing a new “Grab and Go” style service counter and sharing some of our items across this new counter starting from Monday September 19, 2022. We are also working on a couple new menu options for this counter.

Here’s what you can expect.


Our new service counter will be located across from the pool, next to one of the columns. Please see the approximate location of the counter.

Recess/Break Time

During recess the new service counter will be selling the following items in a grab and go style service.

●Toasted Sandwiches, Wraps and Sandwiches

●Smoothies/Slushies (all flavors)

●Snacks and Pastries

Please note that these items will only be available at the new “Grab and Go” counter and no longer available from the “Cafe” during the recess and lunch periods.

Lunch Service

During lunch the new service counter will be selling the same items as recess/break time including a new menu option that will be available only from the new counter.

Wok Fried Boxed Noodles

A quick,easy and delicious meal that can be eaten on the run or as a normal meal. This will be a composed dish with a protein (beef, chicken, pork, tofu), Asian style noodles, sauces and vegetables all served in our take away paper box with wooden chopsticks for 65k.

We are excited to bring this new counter, services and menu options to the Secondary community and look forward to continuing to find solutions and make evolving improvements to the food and beverage culture within our community.


Global Cafe Team



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