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Grade 10 Students Choose Future Pathways at Course Selection Night

On Tuesday evening, ISHCMC held its annual Course Selection Night for its Grade 10s. The evening is designed to provide a chance for students to learn about the possible pathways and courses which are available in Grade 11 & 12.

Ms. Laney Rweyemamu, DP Coordinator & Assistant Principal of Academics, who led the evening shared on how the event was an opportunity for students to consider their passions, well-being and self management skills, as well as future aspiration, as part of their selection.

Firstly, students were asked to consider one of four pathways for their next two academic years at ISHCMC. These included: Modified ISHCMC Diploma, ISHCMC Diploma, IB Courses and the full IB Diploma.

"Not one pathway is better than the other, its all about what you want to do and what is best for you"

Following the pathway, students then considered the courses they want to take on and study. iSHCMC is proud to offer 32 courses, ranging from English literature, economics and Spanish to new courses such as global politics, computer science and film.



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