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Grade 12 Last Day Assembly - An Emotional Farewell to Our Class of 2023

The Last Day Assembly for our beloved Grade 12 was filled with love, laughter and enjoyment from all of the ISHCMC students, parents, teachers and staff

The annual Clap Out section was indeed one of the most awaited celebrations on this day. Traveling from the Primary Campus to the Secondary Campus, Grade 12 got the chance to visit the primary campus again. Immersing in the energetic music, the whole school resounded with enthusiastic and tremendous applause coming from the students’ clap out, marking our Grade 12’s last day at ISHCMC.

Not only does the celebration allow our Grade 12 students to have the chance to appreciate the invaluable contribution of every member of ISHCMC to their journey, it also sets the high expectation for our Little Rhinos to be prepared for their upcoming learning adventure.

Additionally, the memorable assembly with meaningful speeches, farewell lunch and uniform filled with signatures from schoolmates are indeed core memories that our Grade 12 students would never forget

On one hand, Grade 12 students have successfully completed their last year of high school, and the future seems bright with endless opportunities awaiting them. On the other hand, this marks the end of the journey they have all been on together at ISHCMC, just as Mrs. Kim Green - The Head of School stated:

"Grade 12, you have taken responsibility for your own learning journey. You have remained energized and engaged and are taken control of your own destinies!"

Throughout our time in high school, Grade 12 have all faced challenges and overcome obstacles. They have dealt with rigorous coursework, but through it all, we have persevered. As Robert Rosado - The President of the Student Executive Team expressed:

"We can choose to grow on those mistakes and let them divide us, or we can choose to learn from them and grow stronger"

It is through these challenges that our Grade 12 have become stronger, more resilient individuals, capable of tackling whatever life throws their way.

Now, as time has come, we have to say goodbye to each other and move on to the next phase of our lives. We know that our Grade 12 will confidently face new challenges ahead and be successful wherever they are. Good luck with your upcoming exams and we can’t wait until the graduation ceremony to see you in your gown and cap!

Congratulations, Class of 2023, we did it!

Let’s go Rhino’s Let’s go!



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