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Grade 9 and 12 Students Return to Campus

This week was an exciting week for our entire school as, after such a long wait, some of our students finally returned to campus. Speaking on what returning to campus was like, TK, a grade 12 student shared, "It's great seeing all of my friends and actually being able to interact and talk with them. It is so much different from at home, when you are always trying to message them, sometimes we can't reach each other. It's so much more enjoyable being back on campus."

Commenting on what it was like to be in a Science laboratory once again, TK also shared "It's so exciting to do practical experiments again. When Mr. Gordon said, "we will start an experiment", I was like finally we are doing lab experiment after such a long time. It actually helps me learn these concepts in real life, instead of just looking at an experiment on YouTube."

Also sharing on what it was like to be back, Mr. Gordon Stewart, Biology, Chemistry and Science Teacher, "Well it just feels normal, like things have returned to how they should be. That's the thing, it gives you hope. Maybe we are moving past this phase and now we are going to return to what we know and love."

Emma Baxendale, Secondary InSoc Teacher and Grade 9 Level Leader shared, "It has been so fantastic seeing grade 9s reconnect and engage with each other. Seeing Grade 9 together in person for my positive education class was a wonderful thing. The collaboration, energy and happiness in the classroom was evident"

Laney Rweyemamu, DP Coordinator, also shared how happy she was about students being back on campus, "It is so exciting to be back at school with the Grade 12 students. The classrooms and hallways are vibrant with activity and students are reconnecting with classmates and teachers. From collaborative Literature revision activities to Chemistry experiments to musical showcases to a lesson on the history of hip hop in Geography, the energy is palpable!"

Currently we have not been updated on what will happen after the local authorities' pilot period of allowing grade 9 and 12 students to return to campus. We do hope more students can return soon. For more information about our transition back to campus-based learning, click here.



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