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HCMC Youth Business Expo: Get Involved - 15th June

Get ready for the HCMC Youth Business Expo on June 15th, spearheaded by student organizers Hank and Nam. Find out more about how you can be a part of this exciting opportunity below.

My name is Hank , and along with my partner Nam and a couple of friends from ISHCMC, we are launching the HCMC Youth Business Expo! This is a business event catered to the future business leaders of Vietnam, aiming to provide students with a glimpse into the business world.

The Expo will be hosted for 15 - 23-year-old students or anyone in high school or university. Our goal is to allow students to learn more about the business world and network with business professionals and mentors in the industry.

On behalf of the HCMC youth business expo, we would be greatly appreciative if ISHCMC parents who work in business would be interested in hosting a booth at the expo. You would be given a booth, and the ability to collaborate with energized and passionate students looking to come into the business world. This would greatly help diversify and expand our event as well as incentivize more students to come and learn about business from an experienced member of the community.

The expo will take place on Saturday, June 15th, and the structure of the expo will begin with a fireside chat with industry leaders and then will shift into a networking event where large local and international businesses will set up booths similar to a career fair, where students can come up and talk with the business's representatives. The event will be located at The Adora in D7 which has a holding capacity of up to 200 students.

For more information, I have attached the pitch deck for our event.



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