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Head of School Message - 21st February

Chúc mừng năm mới! 

Welcome back to the Year of the Dragon. I trust that the Tet holidays were filled with time with family and friends.  It was joyful to see all of our students return to school today.  Our students returned energised and very quickly engaged with their learning.  We are excited to see our students continue to flourish each and every day.

Our faculty and staff returned to school on Monday and have spent two days engaged in professional learning. At ISHCMC we value our team and invest in their ongoing growth. Professional learning empowers our team time to learn and apply new knowledge and skills that continues to enhance the teaching and learning experience for our students.

Over the last two days across our school community teachers engaged with our literacy and numeracy standards and benchmarks, further developed strategies to support early language development, shared knowledge on how to create learning spaces that are sensory supportive, reviewed the vertical articulation of the curriculum across subject areas and standardized student assessment.

In addition, we were delighted to host Jennifer Abrams, a communications expert who worked with our team to expand our communication skills so that we can best support and engage with each member of our community.

As we commence the Year of the Dragon it is a great opportunity for us to take time to reflect on our achievements and growth as a community over the first seven months of this academic year and to share with you an update on further actions our team are implementing. I warmly welcome you to the upcoming Head of School Parent Forum on Monday 26th February 2024. Come and join me to learn more about our school wide projects and to have input into our ongoing growth and development.

In this newsletter you will find guidance on how to complete our annual Voice of Parent Survey. 

Click Here to view the Guide of Voice of Parent Survey.

This survey is completed globally across all Cognita Schools and is one of the tools that we use to help hear the voice of our community.  This survey will be sent to your email directly from a centralized Cognita system.  Watch out for the email from containing the survey link. 

In the Voice of Parent Survey, we would love to hear your celebrations and from your perspective areas of school life you value.  We also value hearing from your constructive suggestions on areas of school life that you feel we need to continue to focus on improving.  Look out for the information on the Voice of Parent Survey tool so that you are aware of how to navigate and complete the survey.

In kindness and gratitude,

Kim Green Head of School



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