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Head of School Message - 22nd November

Each voice holds a unique note in the symphony of education, contributing to the vibrant melody of learning and growth. At ISHCMC, the chorus of feedback from our community forms the cornerstone of our developmental journey. As we stand at the new phase of our strategic plan, I want to celebrate 30 years of community voice in steering our course forward.

Feedback, in its essence, is the compass guiding us toward excellence. We recognize its pivotal role in sculpting the landscape of our educational programmes. Our commitment to embracing feedback as a catalyst for progress is embedded within our ethos. The Council of International Schools (CIS) survey stands as a testament to this commitment, providing invaluable insights from all stakeholders - parents, students, and faculty. Your candid reflections through Cognita's Voice of Parent survey are instrumental in shaping our annual goals—your voices, woven into these guides, illuminate pathways toward enhanced educational experiences.

As we celebrate 30 years of perpetual improvement, the impending visits from accrediting bodies - CIS, NEASC, and IB - beckon as pivotal milestones. These engagements are not just routine evaluations; they are invaluable opportunities for introspection and evolution. They serve as mirrors reflecting our strengths while also spotlighting areas primed for growth. Aligning ourselves with the expectations of these bodies is not merely a compliance exercise; it is an endeavor to uphold and surpass global educational standards.

Our pursuit of educational excellence is not a solitary endeavor; it's a harmonious symphony where each voice matters. Your feedback, insights, and suggestions form the cornerstone of our strategic planning. As we ready ourselves for these critical evaluations, let us not forget the power vested in each of us.

I extend my heartfelt gratitude to every community member for your unwavering support and invaluable contributions. We look forward to another 30 years of growth and advancement.

Kim Green, Head of School



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