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Head of School Update: 30.04.21

Dear Parents,

In a year which started with COVID restrictions and where events have been limited, it was

a delight to see our school community come together united as #OneTeamOneISHCMC

on the Primary Campus for the Festival of Cultures on 02 April 2021.

The level of engagement and the energy was electric. Whilst it was hot, the involvement

of our community was priceless. Highlights of my day included observing the Secondary

and Primary students working together, seeing our faculty / support staff from across

our Primary and Secondary Campuses connecting and working together, along with

witnessing the outstanding contributions from our parent community.

This was quite simply a very special event and these whole school opportunities are

what build our strong ISHCMC community. I look forward to scheduling opportunities

to continue bringing our community together over the course of next year.

I am so proud to be part of #OneTeamOneISHCMC and continuously excited by the

future and the ongoing growth of our school, where your children continue to have a

unique and high quality education, and where every day, every child is able to flourish

and thrive.

For the full update please click here.

If you have questions, ideas or suggestions please always feel free to email me directly

In kindness,

Kim Green



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