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How do you teach Aquatics during lockdown?

Nothing seems to stop our Stingrays it seems, Even when they don't have access to water, they are still preparing, training and keeping active.

We checked in with Lucas Vu, our Assistant Aquatics Director to see what it was like teaching Aquatics during a lockdown. "At Stingrays we keep our great team spirit through both on campus and home based learning. Every week we have online sessions to stay connected, train together and have a lot of fun. During the first two weeks, we have been working on Freestyle and Backstroke techniques." He shared Lucas went on to reveal "All of Stingrays enjoy refining our skills, taking on some challenges, and sharing our knowledge with our family. Many of them love coaching their parents and we hope they aren't so strict with them. For sure they enjoy it too (we hope so)." Amazing job, Lucas, and well done to all the Stingrays!



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