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ISHCMC Student Wins International Competition with Biodegradable Sanitary Pad Idea

Last year, ISHCMC Student, Dorothy, together with two friends, decided to start their own business. In their research, two surprisingly facts emerged. One there was no domestically produced biodegraded sanitary pads on the market. Additionally, they also found that Vietnam’s dragon fruit output totaling 1,074,282 tons in 2018, with approximately 20% would be directed to landfills.

Since the virus outbreak and closed borders in 2019, they also found the amount of waste from dragon fruit had risen considerably with no proper disposal methods. In an attempt to address the aforementioned issues, the students came up with their own solution with Adorbsy - the first dragon fruit biodegradable pad that utilizes the great potential of this mistaken agricultural waste.

With their idea, they created a business proposition, and then applied and won two international competitions. The Earth Prize is a global environmental sustainability competition for students 13-19 years old that rewards the project with the most potential. They won first prize and got $100,000 to invest in their project. The second accomplishment was winning the Conrad Competition, which takes place in the United States. Winning this event gave them scholarships, gifts from sponsors, and became Pete Conrad scholars.

Since then, they have encountered some exciting updates:

- They went to visit the Swiss Embassy on the 26th of April for a media conference about their project.

- They are also scheduling a meeting with Mr. Pham Nguyen Vinh, Dragon Capital's Corporate Development Director, for an investment opportunity during the next month.

- During June 21-24th, They have been invited to the Villars Institute in Switzerland to give a presentation on their project to other scholars and investors.

- Their Vietnam and U.S patents are pending, and they plan to release their project to the market by the end of 2024.

We can't wait to see what happens next in their amazing journey!



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