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It's Time for the Primary Sports Awards

It gives us great pleasure to bring you the Season 1 Sports Awards Video. We are very proud of all of our Season 1 athletes. Your commitment to your sport and in particular during this period of Home Based Learning is outstanding.

Thank you to all of the coaches for their dedication to the athletes and to our sports programme here at ISHCMC. To the parents - we are truly grateful for your encouragement and support for your children throughout Season 1. You are the reason our kids are so engaged and so committed and we are so appreciative of who you are.

To all of the Season 1 athletes - Congratulations! - we are so very proud of your commitment, dedication, drive and love of sport. To all award recipients - Congratulations! - you have shown yourselves to be highly motivated and passionate athletes.

To view the Primary Sports Awards in full, please check Seesaw

Awards for all recipients will be available from today, Friday November 26th until Friday December 3rd. Please come directly inside the Primary school entrance gate where you will see the "sports awards table". You will need to "sign out" the assigned award. Please remember to wear your masks and follow the 5k protocols.

Again thank you to the coaches and especially to the parents. Congratulations to all of our Season 1 athletes.



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