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Mindfulness & Communication

We are communicating all of the time.

When we take a moment to become aware of our moment by moment experiences as communicators, we are able to listen with full attention, respond with conscious word choice, and bring awareness to our unspoken gestures and expressions.

Mindful communication encompasses the 4 gates of speech. Pausing before speaking, we can consider what we have to say and ask: Is it TRUE? Is it NECESSARY:?: Is it TIMELY? Is it KIND? With mindful awareness we are better able to respond to others using inclusive and non- violent words and phrases. When we make space to take a moment during conversation - to pause and truly listen - we are able to engage in interactions with purpose and greater empathy.

Even when we are not directly talking and listening to others we find that we are in constant internal dialogue with ourselves. Our body language and facial expressions reflect this inner dialogue and in turn our posture communicates our thoughts and feelings. Take a moment to notice your current facial countenance and your body posture. Notice how these are reflective of your current inner dialogue. What are you communicating to yourself and others right now?

​EE - KG - G1

G2 - G3 - S4 - S5

Grade 6 - Grade 12

Confident Communication

By Kelly Waltman

Staff and Parent Personal Practice

Mindful Communication

By Dr. Kate Truitt



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