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Mindfulness & Feeling Grounded

Dear beautiful ISHCMC community

During these unsettling times where things are changing everyday and we have to adapt quickly to whatever is showing for us in the day, we may get caught experiencing high doses of uncertainty and confusion, leading to stress and anxiety. Through Mindfulness we cultivate the awareness of our sensations and feelings, welcoming them without judgments, but also we can “treat” ourselves with a beautiful and nourishing practice, which can anchor ourselves in solidity, trust and kindness.

By practicing grounding on Earth, we explore the sensations that our body experiences through the deep contact with nature. We bring our attention to the connecting points we have with the Earth, our feet, our whole skin... Slowly we start raising our awareness on how we are sustained and cared for by our beautiful planet. Feeling the roots we have in our connection with nature helps us to develop our sense of trust and the understanding of how embracing the present moment with kindness and compassion can heal, rebalance and energize our body and mind.

Below you can find some resources to explore the connection with Mother Earth and the experience of being grounded, solid, with trust and compassion.

We hope you find these practices helpful to feel rebalanced, nourished, cared for and loved.

With warmth,

The Mindfulness Team

Lola, Susie, Indira



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