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Mindfulness & Loss

Hello again Mindful people!

Loss is a part of life. Recently it has become evident. We have lost routines, resources, health, bonds, loved ones, freedoms. Everyone of us has gone through significant losses for the last two years. Luckily, our bodies are quite wise in keeping the score of our losses. The mind forgets but the body does not so we can heal.

One of the ways to address and honor our losses is to connect with our body. According to Nazareth Castellanos, It is actually easier for the brain to notice the body than to calm its thoughts. Once we have acknowledged the loss sensations in the body we can start closing the stress cycle.

Mindfulness offers accessible options to notice the body and all of the sensations that loss can come with.

Here you can find activities to meet that goal.

EE - KG - G1 - G2 Butterfly body scan By Rose Yoga

Snowy Sensations: Body scan By Mental Health TeacherG3 - S4 - S5

Body scan By Gozenonline Grade 6 - Grade 12 Meditation for Teens | Grief and Coping with Loss By Wellemental 5-Minute Meditation - Affirmations for Grief & Loss By Hannah Atallah Staff and Parent Personal Practice Understanding Loss By Sona Barhi

Hope you can find some of these resources helpful.

Wishing you a very mindful day,

The Mindfulness Team

Indira, Lola and Susie



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