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Ngan & Aamily: Embracing SRT's Journey of Community Service Excellence and Shared Success

Recently we sat down with Aamily from 4B and Ngan from 5C, who shared some of the remarkable achievements of the Student Representative Team (SRT).

Their stories showcase the values of compassion, collaboration, and service of the SRT, a group of student volunteers who dedicate their free time to make a positive impact within our school and local community.

The SRT has been a cornerstone of ISHCMC's student voice for over 15 years. Meeting weekly during lunchtime, these passionate students collaborate to brainstorm ideas, organize events, and give back to their community.

Divided into specialized teams, each with its unique focus, the SRT embodies the spirit of collaboration and empathy.

One such team, the Community Outreach Team, exemplifies the SRT's commitment to making a tangible difference. Their initiatives range from fundraising events like the Halloween Market, where students showcased their talents and entrepreneurial spirit, to impactful endeavors like the Tet Food Drive. Through meticulous planning and enthusiastic participation, The Tet Food Drive of the Community Outreach Team aimed to support the Thien Phuoc Orphanage by collecting essential food items. 

Thanks to the dedication and hard work of Aamily, Ngan, fellow SRT members and their supportive teachers, Ms. Ashley and Mr. Cameron, the outcome surpassed all expectations. Their visit was met with gratitude from the volunteers, who expressed that the contributions would provide an astonishing 6-8 months' worth of meals for the 60 children under their care.  

Reflecting on their experience, Ngan shared, "Something that inspired me was the students in the past who spoke at assemblies and shared their ideas." Aamily added, "It (Grade 5) inspired me, how they made a lot of organizations and helped other people." 

Their journey wasn't without its challenges, as Ngan highlighted, "The most challenging part is organizing the date and how we would create the items since all of us had to try our best to like having a lot of supply."

The success of the Tet Food Drive underscores the strength of community unity at ISHCMC. Ngan remarked, "Our school actually helped a lot. Activities like this show us as a firm that serves the community." This sentiment echoes the school's mission statement, emphasizing shared responsibility and support within the ISHCMC community. 

Aamily expressed gratitude for the support received from their teachers, stating, "Mr. Cameron helped me very well and also Ms. Ashley. They helped me brainstorm the idea and helped me with the posters." 

Both students also highlighted the valuable learning experiences gained, from event organization to persuasive communication skills, which were facilitated by their teachers' guidance. 

Through their dedication and compassion, Aamily and Ngan, alongside their fellow SRT members, have made a meaningful impact on the lives of others. Their initiative has not only provided essential support to the Thien Phuoc Orphanage but also served as a testament to the power of collective action in creating positive change.

In celebrating their achievements, ISHCMC reaffirms its commitment to fostering a community where all members are supported and empowered to make a difference.



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