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Parent Community: Tra Bong Aid Appeal

We are helping our parent community sharing their fundraising appeal to support those in Tra Bong. To find out more, please refer to their appeal below:

Again in Central Vietnam the devastation caused by flooding and lack of resources is affecting the poorest people in the region. This time last year we visited the region straddling Quang Nam and Quang Ngai and brought aid to a number of ethnic minority villages. One of the villages in particular continues to haunt me. We saw severe poverty there due to lack of education and opportunity of employment. Life expectancy there is estimated to be 50 yrs old and monthly income at VND450k pm. There is also no clean water supply to the village.

I’ve recently been in contact with Ms Tien who was our guide on the second trip last year and the village is cut off due to landslides and the children there are cold and hungry.

This is again an emergency appeal to help provide the most basic of needs.

What we urgently need is rice, cooking oil, soy sauce and fish sauce as well as warm clothing and rain jackets, primarily for children (7-14 yrs old) but of course we will also take good quality sensible adult clothing.

We are aiming to bring emergency food and clothing aid to 490 families with 798 children.

Currently we are negotiating to get the best prices for the food items both here in HCMC and also closer to the region. We are also speaking with a logistics partner to find the best way to get the aid to our brothers and sisters that need it most.

Cost of course is an issue as I want to stretch each dollar but equally important is having a capable and trustworthy partner in situ. Luckily we can partner with the same local community workers. Last year I was personally able to travel to the region and oversee distribution. I intend to do the same this time but that may well be more challenging due to inconsistent local travel requirements. For donated goods I have begun collecting and storing at my place ahead of transporting to Central Vietnam. We can also accept donations to buy the food items and this can be facilitated through the Na Fianna Ladies Gaelic Football Club. Please contact me if you are in a position to help. +84 (0)852447180 WhatsApp or Zalo.



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