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Parent Teacher Conferences - 2023

Parent Teacher Conferences were hosted by both our Primary and Secondary School teams in October and are a vital component of a child’s education. These conferences provide an opportunity for parents and guardians to connect with the teacher and discuss the child’s academic progress, social development, and overall performance in school.

In Primary School there was a 95% attendance rate with 665/690 students represented.

In Secondary School 410 Families joined our October conferences. 40% of teachers were booked out.

Research clearly shows that parent and guardian involvement in a child’s education can lead to better academic outcomes, improved attendance, and higher graduation rates. Here are five reasons why our parent-teacher conferences in October were essential:

  1. Understanding each child’s strengths and areas for growth

  2. Building a positive relationship between families and teachers

  3. Empowering parent involvement

  4. Addressing concerns and issues

  5. Developing a plan for academic success

We appreciate the feedback provided via the parent teacher conference follow up surveys that were sent to all families after the conferences.

The EE - KG parents report that 100% of our parents were able to connect with their child's teacher and share information about their child. 95% of the parents found the conferences to be helpful.

The Grade 1-5 parents reported that 97% were able to connect with their child teacher and share information about their child. 97% reported that the teachers shared learning data about their child and 84% of parents reported that they received math and reading progression data which they found useful.

The Grade 6-12 parents feedback included the following points:

  • Retain 10 minute time slots for subject teachers

  • Increase the length of conferences from 1.5 to 2 days to allow more time for conferences (as some teachers slots filled up very quickly)

In our CIS Survey in October 2022 and our Voice of Parent in May 2023 we heard our parents tell us that you deeply value opportunities to learn about each child’s achievement and growth. The math and reading progression data is a new initiative this school year in response to what we have heard from our parents. We were pleased to know that these were valued.

  • We are still learning how to read the math and reading progression reports and since this is the first one, we believe we will understand more about his progress

  • As a parent I can understand how my kid is progressing. How can I help him to do better?

  • It helped me better understand where my child is academically.

  • It was very helpful.

  • I could know her strength and weakness

  • It was very helpful to understand the current status and share the future direction

In the feedback survey we also heard additional areas to be considered

  • we need to communicate more clearly for new families that this is not a normal school day and children only come to school for the conferences,

  • our parents made suggestions regarding the timing and length of the conversations, and

  • it would be useful if the MAP data is available to parents prior to the conferences.



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