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Speaker from HRK Shares on Eco-Friendly Packaging to Studio 5s

Our Studio 5s had the opportunity to hear from special guest speaker, Jonathan Sourintha and Trinh Tuong, this week from HRK Group this week. HRK Group is an organization which focuses on safe, healthy and sustainable solutions to replace plastic packaging and single use ite.

Jonathan, from HRK, shared with our students on important questions regarding sustainability such as “What happens to our plastic waster when we litter?” and “What we can we do to reduce plastic pollution?”

Students learnt on staggering statistics such as 150,00,000 plastic tons are used every year but only 55 is recycled. The speakers also shared on both soluble and compostable products and opened students' minds to the choices we can make for a more sustainable planet.

The session was a great opportunity for students to find out what they can do to help prevent plastic pollution. Thank you so much HRK for dropping by and sharing on this important topic!



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