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CIS & VOP Action Plan - Overview of the Steps Taken Since Last Year

In response to valuable parent feedback in our annual surveys, we have initiated a comprehensive plan spanning four key domains:

  1. Leadership and Culture: IS HCMC is enhancing its leadership capabilities and nurturing a positive school culture that prioritizes inclusivity and safety.

  2. Teaching and Learning: The institution is committed to refining teaching practices, emphasizing high-quality education, and ensuring effective communication of student progress.

  3. Operations: IS HCMC is investing in facilities, canteen services, IT integration, and transportation checks to create an optimal learning environment.

  4. Communication: A revamped communication strategy aligns with the needs and expectations of the school community, enhancing the overall experience.

Below you'll find a thorough breakdown of each of these four domains, providing a comprehensive overview of IS HCMC's plan in response to parent feedback.

Leadership and Culture:

Effective leadership and a nurturing school culture are essential components of our successful educational institution. At IS HCMC, we take a comprehensive approach to ensure these critical elements are firmly in place.

Cross-Team Programme Development:

One of our key strategies in this regard is the development of cross-team program planning and school action plans. These initiatives aim to address parents' concerns effectively, foster collaboration among staff, and enhance the overall learning experience for students.

Leadership Capabilities:

Our leadership capabilities are aligned with our institution's definition of High-Quality Teaching and Learning (HQT&L). This alignment ensures that our leadership practices are in sync with our educational goals and values, providing a cohesive and effective leadership structure.

Professional Learning and Leadership Plan:

We have a robust professional learning and leadership plan in place for all staff members. This plan equips educators with the necessary skills and knowledge to excel in their roles, ultimately benefiting the students they serve.


At IS HCMC, we are committed to inclusiveness and actively involve students, staff, and parents in this endeavor. Creating an inclusive environment is essential for fostering diversity and ensuring that every member of our school community feels valued and included.

Safer Recruitment Process:

We place a high priority on safety, especially when it comes to recruitment. We have a robust safer recruitment process policy in effect at all levels, with a focus on selecting skilled teachers with international experience. Pre-employment checks are rigorously conducted to ensure the safety and quality of our teaching staff.

Teaching and Learning:

Quality teaching and learning are fundamental to student success. IS HCMC focuses on defining and implementing high-quality teaching and learning practices.

Defining HQT&L:

Our faculty members engage in the continuous work of defining High-Quality Teaching and Learning (HQT&L) and translating these principles into practical classroom strategies. This ongoing effort ensures that the latest and most effective teaching methods are applied by our educators.

Improving Communication:

We are also dedicated to improving communication related to reporting, data analysis, and student growth data. Effective communication helps stakeholders understand students' progress and supports their educational journey.


Efficient operations are essential to providing a conducive learning environment. IS HCMC invests in various aspects of its operations to enhance the overall experience for students and staff.

Facilities Improvement:

Improvements to facilities, such as a new canteen in the Primary Campus, a new Early Education area, and additional classrooms at the Secondary level, enhance the learning environment and contribute to students' well-being.

Canteen Services Enhancement:

We have revamped our canteen services with the introduction of the mycampus card system. This system allows parents to pre-order meals, access menus with photos and nutritional information, make online payments, and manage their family accounts. The inclusion of a certified nutritionist further enhances the quality and balance of food options.

IT Integration:

IS HCMC has integrated IT solutions, including SchoolBuddy, for better management and communication of after-school activities. Plans for using SchoolBuddy for transportation and implementing a payment gateway are also in the pipeline.

Transportation and Facilities Maintenance:

Increased checks on transportation services and a strict facilities cleaning and maintenance schedule ensure the safety and cleanliness of the school environment.


Effective communication is vital for building a strong school community. IS HCMC has undertaken several initiatives to improve communication with its stakeholders.

Community-Centric Communication:

A thorough analysis of surveys and focus group data has led to a redesigned communication framework. This approach ensures that communication aligns with the needs and expectations of the school community.

Enhanced Newsletter Format:

The school has introduced a new format for its whole-school newsletter, designed to highlight essential dates and milestones while fostering a sense of community spirit.

Workshops and Customer Service:

IS HCMC offers workshops to help stakeholders navigate the school's systems effectively. Additionally, a dedicated customer service team has been established to address concerns and inquiries promptly, ensuring that all cases are resolved with excellence. This team also conducts regular check-in calls to ensure the well-being of the school community.

In summary, IS HCMC is committed to providing a holistic educational experience that prioritizes leadership, culture, teaching and learning, operations, and communication. These initiatives reflect our dedication to delivering high-quality education and fostering a thriving school community.



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