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Overview Recruitment Process at ISHCMC

ISHCMC is proud of our talented, caring and professional staff and faculty. Success in any overseas teaching position depends on realising many synergies. Teachers who are successful at ISHCMC typically match closely with the characteristics listed below.

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Basic Qualities

  • Highly professional

  • Child-centred – warm, caring and supportive

  • Ability to work with parents and be part of a community

  • Team player – collaborative, adaptable, positive and flexible

  • Commitment to ongoing professional development

  • General interest in HCMC and Vietnam

  • Minimum two years experience, qualified with at least a pedagogical degree and teaching certification (as required by Vietnamese Law to obtain a Work Permit)

Professional Experience

  • Experience/training in working with English as an Additional Language (EAL)

  • High level of IT skills and experience in integrating IT with teaching

  • Experience with authentic assessment practices

  • Experience in organising school events and extracurricular activities

  • Experience in coaching sporting teams and/or performing arts

  • Experience in outdoor education & recreation programs

Pedagogical Profile

  • Align with the philosophy and values of ISHCMC

  • IBPYP, IBMYP, IB Diploma programme experience preferred

  • Prior international experience in international postings and experience within home country education systems

  • Inquiry-based, activity-based and hands-on learning

  • Using local context and environment to enhance learning

  • Inter-cultural approach and experiences

  • Stimulating classroom environment

  • Experience in differentiating teaching techniques


Recruitment Process at ISHCMC

At ISHCMC, we pride ourselves on maintaining rigorous standards throughout our recruitment process. From screening to background checks, we ensure alignment with our school's values and adherence to international educational practices. Our systematic approach is designed to onboard highly qualified educators who contribute meaningfully to our vibrant academic community.

The steps involved in the recruitment process at ISHCMC:


Preparing to recruit 


  1. Clear job advertisements are posted to attract qualified candidates to the role

  2. Clear job descriptions outline role specifics and required qualifications.

  3. Detailed application packs and self-disclosure forms are used to gather candidate information, disclosures and a safeguarding statement with a zero-tolerance policy to ensure a safe environment.

Selecting the Right People

  1. Assess alignment with the philosophy and values of ISHCMC

  2. Evaluation of pedagogical and subject specific knowledge and skills

  3. Assess prior experience in International Baccalaureate (IB) programs.

  4. Consider previous international postings from reputable schools.

  5. Evaluate experience within home country education systems.


Choosing Wisely


  1. Adhere to Cognita's safer recruitment practices and the CIS Code of Ethics.

  2. Conduct three rounds of interviews involving various stakeholders such as Vice Principals (VP), Assistant Principals (AP), International Baccalaureate Coordinators (IBC), Leaders of Learning (LoL), Principals, and Deputy Heads of School (DHoS).


Checking Thoroughly


  1. Conduct initial reference checks during the screening process.

  2. Perform two independent written reference checks.

  3. Obtain two additional independent verbal reference checks from school leadership (Head of School, Deputy Head of School, Principal).

  4. Extend the offer upon successful completion of the interview and reference check stages.

  5. Conduct comprehensive global background checks, including screening for civil litigation, global watchlist sanctions, social media assessment, and education verification.

  6. Ensure compliance with the Vietnamese Government's regulations regarding work permit applications.

  7. Adhere to educational requirements outlined in Vietnam's education law for teachers, including possessing a pedagogical qualification and teaching license to qualify for a work permit.


For a more in-depth look at our Faculty's profile at ISHCMC, take a moment to explore our Faculty board here. 

For more detailed information regarding our recruitment process or any inquiries, please don't hesitate to reach out to us at

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