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At ISHCMC, we utilize the following applications. Click the relevant link, then follow the instructions to log in or reset your password.


Power School

Give parents daily schedule, medical records for emergency readiness, and easy reenrollment. 


SEGTA Engage

Direct overview of child's learning and a communication channel with teachers. Enhance collaboration for improved student outcomes.


My Campus Card

For transfering funds for students to purchase food in the canteen, setting spend limits and monitoring eating habits.



For weekly notifications about Co-curricular and after-school activities. Enroll your kids and communicate directly with teachers or activity organizers.



Provide parents insight into their child's learning at ISHCMC with visual reports and stories.

What if I don’t have my log in details or if I need help?

If you do not have your log in details or need support.

Please contact our Helpdesk,vn and they will be happy to support you.

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