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ASA Registration is Open – Discover More with Our ASA Coordinator

After School Activities (ASA) are back at Primary and this week students will have the opportunity to sign up to wide variety of activities! We checked in with our ASA Coordinator to find out what’s so special about this year.

“At ISHCMC, we believe it is our role to encourage our students to discover and explore their interests and passions beyond the school curriculum. And it is my role to provide these chances!” Shared Dieu Le, our ASA Coordinator. “For me, ensuring that as many children as possible feel engaged and excited by something new is my ultimate goal.”

“This year, we have been working hard with both our academic staff as well as with outside specialists to provide a range of activities to get our students exploring. For Term 1 for example, these range from Origami, Inline Skating and Tennis to Mindfulness Drawing, Toy Car Design and Journalism.”

“These classes are designed to not just engage our students, but also to provide them skills and perspectives that will complement and enhance both the school Curriculum and, most importantly, their ISHCMC journey.”

To find out more about the After School Activities on offer, click here and do note that After School Activities at Primary close for registration on the 19th of August. For any questions, email our ASA Coordinator at:



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