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Class of 2022 Graduation: “You Are Going to Make a Difference in Our World”

June the 4th was a historic day as our Grade 12s, our Class of 2022, officially graduated from our school.

The day was filled with celebrations as our Grade 12s, together with their families, came to the Independence Palace. This was the first time the event held at venue, and it was quite the sight to see the palace decorated is our school’s colors.

“You Are Going to Make a Difference in Our World”

Students arriving at the palace could not believe their eyes, especially with the school’s famous Once a Rhino, Always a Rhino slogan posted proudly outside.

Speaking at the ceremony, Will Hurtado, our Secondary School Principal noted on what a unique year it had been for our Class of 2022, “for the duration of this class’ diploma years, they have endured far greater complexity and challenges, beset by restrictive city-wide lockdowns, lack of access to crucial materials, resources, and technology and oscillating between home-based, hybrid and on-campus learning.”

He went on to share “Your courage, perseverance, resilience, determination, pragmatism, adaptability, agility, fortitude, endurance, kindness, empathy and sheer willpower are humbling and more inspiring than anything else I have witnessed or been privy to in my 23 years as an educator.”

Closing the ceremony, our Head of School, Kim Green shared “You are ISHCMC Rhinos, responsible internationally minded global citizens. You are energized, engaged and empowered learners who are going to make a difference in our world.”

Kim Green also shared, “Graduates remember you are and always will be a Rhino.”

Congratulations Class of 2022, we can’t wait to find out what you will go on to do in the future!”

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