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ISHCMC Orchestra Power of Love Concert Raises 146 Million for Charity

On Tuesday the 13th of September, ISHCMC’s Secondary Theater was filled will fellow students, parents, faculty and even local celebrities who excitedly were waiting for start of the Power of Love Concert.

This unique event, which brought together many people within the local community, was not only to showcase the wonderful talent within the school, but also had the mission to support The Children of Vietnam Charitable Fund - raising a fantastic 146,600,000 VND.

Opening with a full ensemble rearrangement of the ISHCMC Song, performed by the ISHCMC Orchestra, the audience went on to be treated through a collection of contemporary and classical pieces. From our young singing performers wowing the crowds with a rendition of My Heart Will Go On; Time to Say Goodbye featuring Our Secondary Music Teacher Mr. Cullen Sutherland, to an incredible solo performance form Mozart No. 4 Violin Concerto by ISHCMC student Seojun.

Jmi Ko, Orchestra Director, who helped guide her students on the creation of the evening’s entertainment shared at the event, “Being here with you all this evening, I am grateful to be part of this journey to bring change. Not only do I believe in the importance of being socially responsible, but I am also so proud that we have taken the opportunity to have done this through the power of music – and the power of love! I am even more proud, however, of our students who have been so dedicated to this cause and have worked so hard to put an amazing show together for you all.

The ISHCMC Orchestra is home to 64 performers with incredible talent over a wide range and variety of instruments. The Orchestra’s youngest performers start as young as Grade 4 and go all the way up through the grades, to Grade 12.

Student Alina, who is President of ISHCMC Orchestra shared “ making it to the charity concert was very meaningful to me since it not only allowed me to perform on the stage with professional musicians and Ms. Jmi, but also to learn the significance of music that can have a great impact on our community. It is amusing that a group of primary and secondary students gathered for hours to practice every week and eventually reached the point where we could hold the concert. I am so grateful that our contribution led to the donation to the Children of Vietnam, and I look forward to more eventful memories.”

As part of the special evening, ISHCMC was proud to host a series of special guests. These included singers Vo Ha Tram, Thao Trang and Oboist Yoon ShinYeong, who were all a fantastic addition to the evening..

The organization supported from the event was The Children of Vietnam Charitable Fund, a fantastic organization which seeks to support children who are in need of specialized medical support.

Kim Green, ISHCMC’s Head of School also speaking at the event shared “Oh behalf of ISHCMC and our IPAA we would like to thank you all for being part of this evening. I am humbled by the talent and the skills seen this evening and I'm humbled by the power of love seen in every one of our audience and our performers.”

She went on to say, “I trust your hearts are bursting with pride. We are so proud of our student, their commitment, persistence and dedication.”

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