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Mindfulness & Mindset

As you approach your next mindfulness practice, take time to notice the mindset you bring to it. In mindfulness, we think about approaching practice with a beginner's mind, considering that while the practice of mindfulness may be similar from one day to the next, we are different - our thoughts, our mood, and the moment is different, therefore there will be something new to discover. Beginner’s mind asks us to witness each moment as though from a new perspective without biases, opinions and predisposed judgements.

The idea of the beginner's mind is similar to the idea of a growth mindset. With this mindset we are open to seeing possibilities, the potential for learning and for continual improvement. If we approach mindfulness with a growth mindset we consider that we can influence and improve our skills, knowledge and our abilities through continued effort and commitment. This is a big picture mindset that recognises the benefit of learning well rather than learning fast, with a willingness to view and experience the challenges we face as opportunities for growth.

In many ways, for both growth mindset and beginner's mind, it is the journey that is the focus, with the idea of success as an ongoing process - as from moment to moment we are constantly in the process of renewal and discovery.

Opposite to this, we might notice that we approach mindfulness with a fixed mindset. We might believe that we can't be still or our mind is too busy for mindfulness, or we just can’t see the point of the practice. We may notice the inner critic and believe that what we hear in our inner dialogue may indeed be true. When we approach mindfulness with a fixed mindset we might believe that our traits and qualities cannot be changed, and we may feel overwhelmed or limited. We do know that whatever mindset we apply and practice, we will get better at. Take the time to notice what mindset you bring to the mindfulness practice, and indeed how this relates to other aspects of your life. Try these practices for developing your relationship to your mindset.

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Kindly, The Mindfulness Team Susie, Lola, Indira



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