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Primary Runners Complete Cross Country Virtual Run to.... Da Lat! 

Our Primary Cross-Country team have been taking on a virtual run from Saigon all the way to Da Lat and back as part of the Virtual AAS Moscow Penguin Pumpkin Run! To make up the kilometers, our students took on a series of challenges throughout the term, from jumping, push-ups to running.

Laura Comerford, our Primary Athletic Director congratulated our students by sharing "Huge congratulations to all runners for submitting their 3km run times for the Virtual AAS Moscow Penguin Pumpkin Run."

She went on to share the reasoning on why the Primary Runners got involved, "Essentially, we came across this Virtual Cross Country Meet via Kirby, their Athletic Director. She is the AD in AAS, an international school in Moscow."

Despite this being a Secondary School event- AAS encouraged us to enter despite the longer distances that our runners would have to run. Normally for SISAC, our under 11 runners compete 2km, for this meet-runners need to run 3km."

Speaking on our specific challenge, Laura revealed, "With our Virtual Run to Dalat almost completed-actually this virtual run was completed sooner than expected, Coach Newman and Coach Ashley thought our cross country team had built their fitness skills sufficiently and thought this was a fantastic opportunity for our students to enter a cross country meet despite the difficult circumstances in Vietnam. Students were required to wear tracking devices to track distances and times and needed to upload these pieces to SEESAW to meet the requirements for this meet."

Well done to all our Rhinos taking on this amazing challenge and keeping so active to achieve it!

We have just inputted our students’ times into the international meet, and we will let you know how we got on! Well done again Rhinos!



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