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PTO: Catch Up With Kate - Meeting Minutes

Primary Catch Up- meeting minutes

Date: April 1st 4pm- 5pm

Present: Ms Kate Grant- Primary Principle, Ms Lianne Kalapaca- Primary Vice Principle, Mrs Kimberly Blackett- PTO President, Mrs Amy van Dijk - PTO Vice President

Next meeting scheduled: Friday 22nd of March 4pm

Covid-19 update in Primary:

Numbers of Primary staff & kids with Covid-19 Positive cases since returning back to campus on 14th February.

Teachers and Teacher assistants: 57 pax – approximately 50% of the team Students: approximately 200 out of 550 – 36%

The numbers are approximate as some parents have not disclosed the positive cases in their family until their children are classified F1 – they then tell ISHCMC that they are recovered. This means there is some doubt as to the accuracy of the numbers here.

”ISHCMC would like to thank those parents who have communicated with their nursing team and followed all protocols and declared their children or their own status. This has been invaluable for our track and trace protocol. Thanks so much” - Kate Grant

Korean Language Concern:

PTO has raised a concern that was brought to us by a Korean parent. This parent is worried about conversing in Korean language, which sometimes results in swear words. It creates division in classes, excluding non speakers.

Obviously this is difficult for teachers that speak English to know. However ISHCMC will work with our teaching team to bring this to their attention and address it with the students. Just yesterday they have addressed this very issue when dealing with a playground issue. ISHCMC staff let the kids know that they are aware of this and that they are going to be placing importance on eliminating swearing in any language in our playgrounds and classrooms.

Calendar for 2022-2023:

The PTO has raised a concern about the five weeks break in December, that was brought to us by both primary and secondary parents.

All stakeholders have input and student learning is at the center of decision making.

Other schools in the city (EIS and SSIS) are also combining Christmas break with TET as it make sense rather than going in and out of school within a short time. School calendars don’t always please all stakeholders – however the ISHCMC calendar is definitely a collaborative decision with community input. The number of school days remain the same.

Rhino Hut:

PTO will resume the Rhino Hut sales, clear out old stock and replenish with new and exciting designs in a few weeks.

Celebration of Cultures:

After a debate about what we cannot do or can do due to Covid-19 restrictions and keeping the community safe, we decided to go with a flag parade & International Fair. Kate is on board with the plan and we are working closely with Events & Community Outreach team and both Primary & Secondary Leadership on a safe plan. Country Representatives have already signed up to help out, we are incredibly grateful for the support of these great parents.



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