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PTO Highlights: Reflecting on 2023 and Anticipating Exciting Initiatives in the Year of the Dragon

The New Year is always the perfect time to reflect on what we have all accomplished over the past year and what we can look forward to in the next year. For the PTO the last half of 2023 was a very busy time as we built on the successes of the previous year.

Along with our regular meetings with faculty, we hosted coffee mornings, lunch clubs, a social happy hour, regular SWAP events, as well as arranging the Appreciation Tea for teachers, Trunk & Treat with the SET, and supporting the International Day Flag parade. The Rhino Hut has re-opened in beautiful new spaces on each campus and has been making lots of new spirit wear (and selling popcorn!) for our community.

But looking ahead we have lots more exciting things coming up. The PTO will support the World Food Festival, organize the Spring Market, as well as host more social gatherings and SWAP parties. The Rhino Hut will also boost its collection with many new products planned. On top of all that, after Tet we plan to start a new Craft & Coffee club and a Book club as well as host more collaborations. Please keep an eye out for information about these events in the coming weeks. If you would like to get involved with any of our events, or you have any comments or ideas for new initiatives, please reach out to us at

We would also like to thank all our volunteers who help to make our events possible. We are not a community without your support!

We wish you all a Happy Tet holiday, and best wishes for health and happiness in the Year of the Dragon. 🐉



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