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Secondary Campus Update: Changes to Pick Up and Drop Off Procedure

We would like to inform you that the exciting changes that are starting to occur on the Secondary School Campus will have an impact on the pick up/drop off students by vehicles effective from Monday 08 May 2023. We believe that these changes will bring great benefit to our students' lives on campus and we apologize for the inconvenience these changes may cause for you or your drivers

When picking up students vehicles will be required to drive through the campus to pick up in a new area (see diagram below):

  • Vehicles can drive in one direction through the campus from Nguyen Cu (Gate A) to Xuan Thuy (Grade C) to pick up students

  • Student will be picked up at the new waiting area near the Xuan Thuy entrance

Vehicles will not be able to stop to wait for students. If students are not at the designated pick up location when the vehicle arrives the vehicle will be directed by our security team to exit the campus onto Xuan Thuy and drive around the campus and re-enter.

We would really appreciate it if you could share this information with other drivers!

Vietnamese Map
Japanese Map
Korean Map



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