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Stingrays Shine at UNIS Invitational 2023, Securing 3rd Place Overall with Impressive Medal Haul

At the UNIS Invitational 2023, hosted in Hanoi over the weekend, 55 talented Stingrays from various age groups dove into the competition. The event drew an impressive turnout, with 23 schools participating and a total of 650 swimmers making waves.

The Stingrays' performance was nothing short of remarkable, culminating in a 3rd place overall finish when it came to total points earned. Let's take a closer look at the standout achievements of the individual swimmers:

Girls Age 9-10:

Chaeyoon, age 10, secured the 2nd place with an outstanding individual score.

Boys Age 9-10:

Andy, at just 9 years old, showcased his talent, earning 2nd place.

Chase, age 10, also demonstrated his prowess, finishing in a commendable 3rd place.

Girls Age 11-12:

Youna, age 12, emerged as the top scorer in her category, clinching 1st place.

Lucy, age 11, made the Stingrays proud by securing 3rd place.

Boys Age 11-12:

Seoyoon, age 12, exhibited exceptional skill, taking the 1st place in his age group.

Boys Age 15 and Over:

Namyoon, age 15, further solidified the Stingrays' dominance, earning 1st place in the 15 and over category.

The Stingrays' collective effort resulted in a remarkable medal haul, including 16 golds for both individual and relay events, an impressive 30 silvers, and 15 bronze medals. These achievements underscore the team's dedication, hard work, and undeniable talent in the pool.

The UNIS Invitational 2023 was an outstanding showcase of swimming prowess, and the Stingrays left a significant mark, bringing home a well-deserved 3rd place finish, as well as a treasure trove of medals. Congratulations to the swimmers, coaches, and everyone involved in this remarkable journey!



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