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Student-Driven Brilliance: Confetti the Yeti Inspires Growth Mindset Movement

In the vibrant halls of Studio 4 and Studio 5, a remarkable group of young leaders emerged, driven by the powerful concept of a growth mindset. Alin, Lucy, Hana, Sophia, Mila, Esther, and Lilac, known as the Growth Mindset Leaders from Primary, embarked on a transformative project aimed at nurturing a more positive and expansive mindset within their community. Their mission was clear: to shift people's perspectives from fixed mindsets to the growth mindset.

At the core of their initiative was the desire to illuminate the profound significance of the word "yet." The leaders sought to inspire others to recognize that their current limitations were only temporary hurdles on the path to growth and achievement. They firmly believed that individuals possessed the innate capacity to develop and improve, filling any gaps or shortcomings they might perceive in themselves.

To effectively convey this message in an engaging and memorable way, the ingenious leaders conceived "Confetti the Yeti," a vibrant and enchanting mascot whose body was adorned with colorful confetti. Reflecting on the origin of their creation, Mila, one of the Mindset Leaders, shared how the repeated emphasis on the word "yet" during the creative process sparked the idea for the name "Yeti": The confetti-filled body of the mascot symbolized a vivid and potent representation of the project's essence—an embodiment of brightness and empowerment.

The brilliance and creativity displayed by these young students throughout the project were truly exceptional. Notably, their early development of leadership qualities served as a testament to their remarkable potential.

What set them apart, however, was their unwavering commitment to translating their growth mindsets into tangible positive impacts on the community. It was with eager anticipation that their mentors and peers looked forward to the Mindset Leaders expanding their message to the Primary Campus, inspiring even more students to foster and cultivate a growth mindset.



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