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14 Students Recently Joined UNIS MUN Conference

14 student delegates from ISHCMC recently joined the United Nations International School Model United Nations (UNIS MUN and debated on the topic ”What does an equal and equitable world look like?”

Speaking about the event, Grade 11 Leader and Language Acquisition, Marie-Theres Whitehead shared, "We had 14 students from Grade 9-11 participate in the conference. The day started with an opening ceremony and a speech of guest speakers in the respective committee rooms. Then the delegates moved into the lobbying and merging process where they used their prepared resolutions to create several resolutions together with allied nations. The approval panel led by the directors was successful and approved many resolutions." "While the afternoon was all about improving the resolutions through amendments in debate format. The students were fantastic: they managed new online platforms (zoom, spatialchat), produced resolutions and debated fiercely for their country. A special mention for Bryan, a Grade 11 student, who expertly led our delegation for this conference."

"What's next? Stay tuned for AISMUN in January! "

The ultimate goal of UNIS MUN is to promote awareness of international relations & issues in young people, to inspire global mindedness & an understanding to the problems of the world & how to combat them, whilst providing a platform for students to improve their communication skills & open mindedness.

To find out more about UNIS MUN, click here


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