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6th April: MYP Personal Project Fair

Please mark your calendars for a very important celebratory event! Wednesday, April 6 marks the celebration of the culminating year-long MYP project - the Personal Project! The Grade 10 students have been working diligently to identify an area of passion, investigate it, hone their ATL skills, and produce an action or product. Projects range from programming C# role play games that bring awareness to marine pollution in the Saigon River to investigating the impact fashion has on self-identity to the creation of an interactive app that allows aspiring artists to receive feedback on their work.

The Personal Project will be formally celebrated on Wednesday, April 6, 2022, beginning at 6:00 pm in the ISHCMC Secondary School Theater. This is an exciting opportunity for all Grade 10 students to share the personal journeys of their project, share their knowledge and understanding, and reflect on their growth as a learner as well as celebrating their journey as an MYP student. The night will include a formal presentation, followed by individual student presentations in a Fair format. It is not to be missed!



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