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A Memorable Learning Journey Begins: Welcoming New Parents and Students to the 30th Year Orientation

On Monday, our 30th Year Orientation Day at the Primary Campus and the Secondary Campus was a highly memorable event that aimed to welcome our new Rhinos (both parents and students) into the ISHCMC community.

The day commenced with a school tour of both the Primary Campus and the Secondary Campus. As our new Rhinos explored the school premises, they were provided numerous opportunities to interact with teachers, students, and other parents. This firsthand experience allowed them to witness the wide range of facilities available for learning and the abundant resources the school offers.

Our new Rhinos also got the chance to learn more about the whole school structure, as well as meet our leadership team and teachers who will accompany them on their learning journey at ISHCMC. Through interactive presentations, led by our passionate faculty members, our new families were able to learn more about both the school and the community.

Additionally, to ensure our new students could establish a personal connection to the teachers who will work with them throughout the year, they had a chance to visit their classroom and meet up with their teachers. This invaluable opportunity fostered open communication, allowing parents and students to address any specific concerns or queries and providing teachers with crucial information about individual student needs.

Orientation Day at ISHCMC was an immersive and enlightening experience for our new Rhinos, as they gained a deeper understanding of the school's structure and philosophies, established connections with key stakeholders, and felt welcomed into our vibrant learning community in our 30th year. As a school, we welcome our new Rhinos with open arms, grateful for the opportunity to embark on this transformative educational voyage together.

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