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A Virtual Viva Voce and TOK Exhibition

On Wednesday, Nov 17, 2021, the Class of 2022 held their Viva Voce and TOK Exhibition. Students celebrated upon the completion of their Extended Essay, a major component of the IB Diploma and perhaps one of its hardest aspects. It is an independent research paper on a specific topic contained in 4,000 words and spans the course of two years. They were joined by their teachers, supervisors, and parents to comment about their processes.

Unlike previous years, this event was held virtually online, through Google Meet. Despite the change in interface, the structure remained the same. It started with Ms. Laney Rweyemamu, DP and Projects Coordinator, giving the opening remarks and introductions.

Soon followed by the student presenters, Zofia Jieun, and Ella who showcased their essays in the fields of psychology, biology, and the visual arts. Afterward, the students began to join their own respective breakout rooms to prepare for their individual Viva Voces. These are conversations between the student and their supervisor, detailing what was done, how they did it, and if there was anything they would want to change.

Some of the Grade 12 students had this to say about the experience. TK, a student who wrote his essay in music, felt the Viva Voce was “a good opportunity to reflect and converse with his supervisor”. A chance to acknowledge his process and growth through a casual and even fun, discussion. Another student, Linny, who did her essay in psychology, stated she was “nervous about the audience interactions”. At the end of the night, they both agreed that the event was a rewarding experience and not as scary as they thought.



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