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All You Knit is Love - Amazing Tet Donation Drive

Ms. Thao Pham, an ISHCMC Studio 4 Teacher Assistant, together with the ISHCMC Knitting Club, came together to knit and donate clothes to support those in the central highlands. Not only clothes' but the club also donated other necessary items as part of their Tet donation drive. Speaking about the initiative, Thao shared: "I was born in Dalat highlands where it is cold all the time of the year. When I moved to HCMC to work in 1994, I liked to knit something for children there as the presents on the New Year."

"At the first time, I knitted by myself but after that Ms Giao (Library TA) liked to get involved so we decided to call on everyone, including parents and students, to join in our Charity Knitting Club." Check out the amazing photos below which shares on their wonderful creations as well as their generous donations..



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