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Alumni Spotlight: ISHCMC Graduate Hippolyte Genet Reflects on Global Journey and the Impact of IB Education

Recently, we sat down with Hippolyte Genet, a graduate from the class of 2013, who shared insights into his journey after graduating from ISHCMC. During our catch up, he highlighted the pivotal role his experience at ISHCMC had in preparing him for future endeavors.

After ISHCMC, he obtained a Bachelor's degree in Politics and International Relations from the University of Bristol in three years. Furthering his education, he pursued a Master's in Management and Finance from the London School of Economics, along with an exchange program at Duke University and additional MBA courses.

Transitioning from roles at S&P Global in Canary Wharf to a tech company in San Francisco, Hippolyte's career exemplifies his willingness to take on new challenges.

Despite his global experiences, he found himself drawn back to Vietnam, recognizing the country's promising opportunities.

"Coming back, I realized the incredible potential here... It's an exciting time to be in Vietnam, and I'm grateful for the connections I made through ISHCMC."

Hippolyte's experience reflects the strong sense of community fostered by the school, both among students and alumni worldwide. These connections offer valuable support and networking opportunities, which can be helpful in exploring careers and achieving future goals.

Also, during his visit to ISHCMC, he expressed gratitude for ISHCMC’s academic program, particularly the IB curriculum. He credited ISHCMC for providing him with a solid foundation that proved invaluable during his university studies and professional endeavors.

“Looking back, I think I didn't fully grasp the importance of my education when I was younger. It wasn't until I reached university that I realized just how much I had learned through the IB program. I found myself thinking, 'Wow, I already know all of this!' Whether it was from Theory of Knowledge or History, I had a solid foundation. It was surprising to realize how much I had absorbed without even realizing it during my time at ISHCMC. Now, returning here, I can't help but feel incredibly lucky to have attended such a school."

Hippolyte's experience shows the value of the IB Diploma Programme at ISHCMC. The program helps students develop adaptability, an important skill for today's ever-changing world. Through projects and a focus on how different subjects connect, students learn to think creatively, solve problems well, and work together with people from all backgrounds.

The curriculum also encourages students to see the world from a broader perspective, helping them understand different cultures and viewpoints.

Overall, Hippolyte's visit serves as a reminder of the school's role in shaping its alumni's futures, providing them with the tools to thrive in an ever-changing world. Through its academic program and supportive community, ISHCMC continues to empower its alumni to pursue their aspirations on a global scale.



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