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Amazing Community Response in Recent Blood Donation Appeal

We would like to share a heartfelt thank you to those who stepped forward following our recent blood donation appeal. During these very difficult times, your actions have been life-changing, and we don’t have the words to articulate just how amazing your support has been.

In addition to the donors, thank you also to everyone who shared our urgent appeal. The outreach was amazing, and your sharing was incredibly supportive and makes a huge difference.

The patient in need of support has been receiving an AB- Negative blood transfusion since Saturday. They are undergoing intensive care, and we are working with the hospital to monitor the situation closely.

Looking forward, we would like you to be aware that the doctors have informed us that additional blood donation appeals may be required in the coming days. Do note, at this stage, we understand this will specifically be for AB negative or A negative blood types. Your support in sharing these appeals further, as always, would be greatly appreciated, and please pass on our deepest thanks to those who do support who we are unable to reach.

Please also note that we are here to support donors who would like to donate with any questions they may have and any logistics surrounding the donation. Specifically, please reach out to myself, Ms Dao -

Once again, thank you. In such times, it cannot be said enough. We will keep you informed and ask you to keep an eye out for further appeals.



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