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An Insight Into Our Diploma Visual Art Students' Incredible Work

Explore this collection of Grade 11 and Grade 12 Diploma Visual Arts students' work. It is amazing to see how these young artists produce such stunning work in visual arts in the home-based learning context. Many of them chose to do lens media art using different software (from Adobe Fresco to Procreate).

171121 Mirage

This self-portrait focuses on portraying a mixture of subjective and objective truth. For an objective perspective on "the self," I worked with reference photos to capture a likeness but altered elements in colour to create subjective storytelling. The stylistic blend between realism and graphic reflects the artistic identity and embraces my natural art-making process; it would be inauthentic to force a different style in a self-portrait, as art is an essential element of the self to include.

The Monarch Effect

Inspired by natural elements and contrast in TeamLab’s <Proliferating Immense Life>, <The Monarch Effect> depicts an ideal shift in the personality spectrum as an introverted individual adopts more extroverted traits. The transformation in identity is evident through the growth of lily flowers over time - digitally painted to create a fantastical, dream-like effect. Integration of projection photography of monarch butterfly wings reveals a similar metamorphosis process, indicating scope for change.

Inspired by Jean Michel Basquiat's technique and colour, this artwork communicates how humans are anatomically the same. The skeleton standing in a dignified position symbolizes self-respecting, and all humans are worthy. As the skeleton does not have any skin colour, we look at it without differentiation, and all human beings are equal to each other. The artwork expresses the opposition to racism, which is becoming a more prevalent issue in the current Corona era.

One or the Other

<One or the Other> is overwhelming with colours and faces. It’s an image of gender expression and identity. So how does it represent the artist’s journey of expression? These faces hold a meaning behind them, contributing to the artist’s epiphany of their identity. Insignificant or significant, it was a turning point where they have discovered their true identity—seen successfully through the contrast of past and present self and the difference. The goal is to show the journey that led them there.


<Independence> explores the duality of human nature and how human qualities are often both strengths and flaws. I felt that I've always taken pride in my Independence and self-reliance. However, in my endeavour for Independence, I started to fear that I was becoming detached from others and struggled to be vulnerable or depend on others. This lack of emotional connection is represented through the red threads, inspired by Chiharu Shiota's work.

<Player 1 and Player 2> represents the intersection between my love for gaming and my relationship with my brother. He was the first to introduce me to video games, and it has been a cornerstone in our bond ever since. From the Gameboy to the Nintendo Switch, games have continued to connect us even though we are oceans apart.

Four Rooms at the Olympia's Space

I got inspired by Manet’s <Olympia>, and I tried to make my final piece by re-interpretation. There are a lot of different forms of aesthetics, such as different colours, textures, and patterns. Based on a study for <Olympia> from the Comparative Study, I wanted to convey the message of the diverse form of beauty through <Four Rooms at Olympia’s Space>.


Surrounding ourselves with the company can fill a void in our soul, but what if it is never enough? In this piece, lonesome can be expressed in an environment with very dim lighting, with no one around except for only you and your pet. Through digital animation, you can see that time is passing by as days feel the exact same, and that mundane routine of yours just becomes a chore, showcased through a 4x4 screen.



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