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ASAC Tournament Success: Embracing Spirited Sportsmanship

The ASAC (Asean Sports and Activities Conference) Senior Basketball and Junior Football tournament in Ho Chi Minh City recently concluded, and it was quite the event to witness 32 teams from 7 international schools from Indonesia, Thailand, Cambodia, and Vietnam showcase their skills on the court and field, creating an atmosphere of friendly competition and companionship. 

Congratulations to our ISHCMC athletes who were placed:

  • Senior Boys Basketball ISHCMC Blue (Varsity) - 1st place

  • Senior Girls Basketball ISHCMC - 3rd place

  • Junior Boys Football ISHCMC Blue (8th grade team) - 1st place

  • Junior Boys Football ISHCMC White (6th/7th grade team) - 4th place

  • Junior Girls Football ISHCMC Blue (8th grade team) - 1st place

  • Junior Girls Football ISHCMC White (7th grade team) - 3rd place

Both the Primary and Secondary campuses of the International School of Ho Chi Minh City were alive with energy, thanks to the diverse crowd of parents, friends, and supporters. 

After fiercely contested games in this season's tournament, ISHCMC emerged with remarkable achievements.

Director of Athletics and Activities, Dan Prost, shared his insights into this success, stating,

“Heading into the Spring ASAC tournaments held in March and May, we are currently sitting at 4 gold medal teams, 3 silver medal teams, and 2 bronze medal teams in ASAC international play.” 

These outstanding results underscore the dedication, hard work, and skill demonstrated by ISHCMC’s student-athletes. The tournament not only showcased athletic prowess but also highlighted the school's commitment to nurturing well-rounded individuals who excel in both academics and sports.

Expressions of Appreciation

Prost credited ISHCMC's sports success to dedicated athletes and coaches, sportsmanship, ongoing facility upgrades, and the school's focus on holistic development. 

“The success of ISHCMC sports teams is a result of the passion of our athletes. Additionally, the facilities team, security team, medical team, marketing team, coaches, and student volunteers worked tirelessly to ensure smooth operations, seamless scheduling, and a memorable experience for all. Their hard work and commitment to excellence shine through, both on and off the field,” Prost expressed.

Beyond the on-court prowess, the tournament highlighted the invaluable role of the supportive community. The cheers, chants, and encouragement from parents, friends, and supporters created an electrifying atmosphere that fueled the teams to victory in their final games.

Dan Prost emphasized the significance of this community support, expressing, “To witness the number of parents and adult spectators cheering on our teams over the week was a welcomed sight. The supportive PTO and parental involvement contribute significantly to creating a vibrant and enthusiastic atmosphere during athletic events”

Community Building

In the end, the ASAC tournament at ISHCMC wasn't just about games; it was the shared joy and passion for sports that brought everyone together. 

The success of the ASAC tournament undoubtedly inspires future events and continues to solidify ISHCMC's athletic program as one of the premier programs in the region. As the school heads into the Spring ASAC tournaments, the focus remains on excellence, teamwork, and the values that make ISHCMC a vibrant and enthusiastic community.

The school expresses gratitude to everyone involved in making the ASAC tournament a resounding success, reinforcing ISHCMC's commitment to providing great experiences for both participants and the broader community.

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