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Begin Your Summer Adventure with Inspire Educamps Life Skill Summer Camp 2024

We're thrilled to share with the ISHCMC community the return of Inspire Educamps' summer camp! The 2024 theme promises an enriching journey, extending beyond traditional education to impart essential life skills.

Located at the ISHCMC Secondary Campus, Inspire Educamp's summer camp offers a diverse curriculum focused on teaching crucial skills for success in today's world. From digital literacy to emotional intelligence, and from financial management to time organization, participants will acquire the tools needed to confidently navigate life's challenges.

Central to the program is comprehensive Social and Emotional Learning (SEL) education, emphasizing self-awareness, emotional regulation, empathy, and responsible decision-making.

Participants engage in various activities aimed at enhancing their cognitive abilities, understanding mental health, managing emotions effectively, and coping with challenges. These activities include mindfulness practices, expressing emotions through art, identifying emotions, stress reduction techniques, and learning coping strategies.

The summer camp spans five weeks in total, Monday to Friday, with each week focusing on a different topic and featuring a variety of activities such as sports, team-building exercises, culinary arts, and creative projects. This not only fosters skill development but also nurtures a passion for continuous learning.

Participants receive a comprehensive package including meals, snacks, learning materials, and a certificate of completion. 

Families are encouraged to take advantage of the Early Bird 10% Discount, available until March 15th, to enhance accessibility to the program.

Register here for an exciting summer of growth, learning, and fun at ISHCMC's Summer Camp 2024!



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