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Bokashi Buckets- New Composting Method at ISHCMC

Bokashi Buckets- New Composting Method at ISHCMC

Dear Rhinos,

Hope you are all doing well.

The Eco-school committee has been so appreciative of the efforts that you have been putting into the recycling program. Well done for saving Mother Earth!

This week, the Eco-school committee would like to introduce a food waste composting method called Bokashi Compost. Bokashi is a Japanese word that means "fermented organic matter". Bokashi Compost is a type of fermentation process and you can find more information about it in the poster below.

You can put any leftover food (vegetables, fruits, and meat) but no liquids (water, juice, soup, or milk) into the Bokashi Bucket during break time and lunchtime. The Eco-school CAS members will then put the Effective Microorganism on top of the waste each day.

There are two Bokashi Buckets that have been placed at the back of the canteen where we normally put our plates and bowls. Please use them after meals.

The Eco-school Committee will be collaborating with the Science department to make more effective microorganisms in the science labs for future use.

Thank you again for helping ISHCMC take one step closer to being an Eco-school.


Eco-school Committee



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