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Camp Asia Singapore: WINTER CAMPS 2022

Camp Asia Singapore is ready for our Winter Camp. If you are headed to Singapore this December holidays, join us for some Winter Camp fun!

We offer a diverse range of kids’ camps that attract all types of kids with different interests, so you’re bound to find something that suits them. Expect Tech Camps such as Creative Coding and Lego Robotics, Creative Camps such as Let’s Dance, Drama Academy and Passion for Arts, and an array of Sports Camps for Basketball, Gymnastics, Soccer, and Parkour.

The holiday camps come with meals provided and we know parents may find it hard navigating across town for pick-up and drop-off, so we also provide bus services with pick-up points around the island.

Camp Details:

Date: 19th December to 13th January

Time: 9AM – 3PM

Venue: Stamford American International School/Australian International School

To book, click here

Bookings will be open on 21st October 2022!


Please note that due to families opting out of camp photography, Camp Asia's own safeguarding policies and the sheer number of campers on site every week, we cannot guarantee pictures of every child and every activity. We endeavour to be as inclusive as possible while respecting the wishes of our Camp Asia families.


Telephone: 6289 5888

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