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Celebration of Cultures - 6th October

We are excited to share that we will hold our incredible 30th Anniversary Celebration of Cultures Flag Parade on Friday, October 6th, 2023. All IS HCMC students and teachers will celebrate at the Primary Campus field, and we warmly welcome parents to watch our community shine together for this special tradition.

Please find further details about the day below.

1. Celebration of Cultures: Flag Parade - Friday, 6th October - 9:30AM

The IS HCMC flag parade is a long-standing tradition in which students march around the field, carrying the flags of their school and their country. It is a way to celebrate school pride, our rich diversity of over 60+ identified nationalities, and the multicultural environment that we all play a role in accepting here at IS HCMC. It is special to be able to celebrate our international-mindedness, and special because it is the one time a year that our entire school community gathers together in one place.

The Flag Parade is a required event during school hours. All students are scheduled to attend. Parents, you are very warmly welcome to attend.

2. Event Schedule and Logistics

The parade will start around 9:30 AM at Primary and usually lasts 45-60 minutes.


Primary students should arrive on Primary campus at the normal time. No changes.

Secondary students should arrive on Secondary campus at the normal time. They will take attendance in Advisory sharply at 8:30. It is imperative that students are not late on this day.

Secondary students will leave their bags in their classroom and then board buses with their advisory group. This is a required plan that is built around maximum safety and smooth logistics. There will be no exceptions to this rule. There are no options to drive motorbikes, bicycles, walk, or get dropped off on your own way.

If Secondary students do not arrive at their Advisory at 8:30am at Secondary as usual, they will be considered absent. Thank you for understanding this policy.


Primary will walk back to classes around 10:30 AM for the remainder of the day.

Secondary students will all depart Primary on our buses to Secondary, and will return to Advisory to take attendance for a third time. After a break time, classes will resume at 11:20 AM (Period 3) for the remainder of the day.

3. Event Preparation

Flag Walkers in the Parade

Country Parent Reps have already gathered their flag walkers. Any people walking in the parade should know if they are walking. These students will be instructed how to find their country group to line up for the parade.

If you are not walking in the parade,

you are watching the parade on the field. Students in the audience will sit by country/region, and be given small flags to wave. Please return these flags after the parade so we can continue the tradition next year.

What to Wear

Wear a hat, sunscreen, and bring a water bottle! We also encourage all students, staff, and parents to dress up. You could wear a traditional outfit from your country, a multicultural blend of fabrics from around the world, or country or school colors. Identity is cultural and personal, and we encourage everyone to express themselves. This includes the option to bring your own hand-made or purchased flag of a cultural identity of your choice.

Please note, it is not a free dress day in casual clothing. Students must dress up, or wear their uniform.


We will be livestreaming the event so your friends and family can watch from all over the world. To do so, please click the link here at 9:30 AM Indochina Time.

Rain Plan

If the school decides to postpone the parade to a different day due to poor weather, we will email all families at 8:30 AM on Friday to let you know that the school day proceeds as normal without the parade. Please check your email that morning before leaving the house.

Get ready for an unforgettable 30th Anniversary Flag Parade - it's going to be truly spectacular!

Hope to see you waving your flags there.



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