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CIS Survey Results: Navigating ISHCMC's Journey of Improvement

In our unwavering commitment to excellence in education and continuous improvement, we are thrilled to share the outcomes of our recent Council of International Schools (CIS) Community Survey for the International School of Ho Chi Minh City (ISHCMC). Conducted annually, this survey stands as a cornerstone of feedback, providing invaluable insights that steer our strategic decisions and shape the trajectory of our school community against international standards.

Within this framework, it has been genuinely heartening to witness the positive insights unveiled by the survey. A remarkable 95% of our community agree that they have a clear understanding of the school's mission, vision, and values, underscoring the resonance of our educational ethos. Equally promising is the fact that 90% believe their child is receiving ample social and emotional support, while 92% find the lessons engaging. Moreover, 90% acknowledged the international mindset within the community as a valuable asset benefiting their child's education.

An encouraging aspect of the survey results is the improvement in trust levels regarding staffing qualifications, complemented by a positive perception of a secure learning environment. It's gratifying to learn that parents feel actively included in decisions concerning their child's educational journey.

Acknowledging areas where there is room for growth, we appreciate the candid concerns raised by some members. They express reservations about the curriculum falling short in meeting their child's individual needs and providing adequate opportunities for cultural learning. Additionally, 20% of respondents admit uncertainty about addressing harmful behaviors, and 27% voice dissatisfaction with the quality of school food. There are also concerns about the school's provision of information on students' achievements and progress, with 18% feeling that the institution struggles to manage parent relationships.

Looking ahead, here's what's on the horizon:

  • Survey Participation: Your voice matters, and we encourage you to complete the survey if you haven't already. This ongoing feedback is crucial in shaping the future of ISHCMC. To complete the survey, click here.

  • Behavior and Anti-Bullying Measures: We are actively collaborating with our counselors to enhance your understanding of our behavior and anti-bullying policies. Additionally, there will be increased opportunities for you to learn about our reporting processes. Tosca is leading this initiative post the Executive Leadership Team (ELT) discussions.

  • Focus Groups on Academic Feedback: In response to concerns about academic feedback, we will be organizing focused discussions with parents. This initiative aims to comprehensively understand and address perceptions regarding the lack of academic feedback on students' achievements and progress. We will delve into aspects such as accessibility, understanding, frequency, and more.

  • Global Cafe Collaborations: Building on our ongoing work with Global Cafe, we are excited to extend invitations for more tasting sessions in both primary and secondary segments. These sessions offer a delightful opportunity for our community to come together, share culinary experiences, and contribute to the enhancement of dining offerings. Your participation in these sessions adds a valuable perspective to our continuous efforts in refining the overall dining experience at ISHCMC. Stay tuned for upcoming sessions that promise to be both enjoyable and insightful.

Your invaluable feedback has been instrumental in our pursuit of excellence at ISHCMC. Together, let us celebrate these achievements and fortify our commitment to providing a distinguished educational experience for our students, guided by the insights gleaned from the CIS Community Survey and aligned with international standards.



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